Check Out The Incredible Structures Maltese Architecture Students Helped Create

Can they be responsible for all local developments please?

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Feature photo: Lucas Bonnel

This summer, while most of us were by the beach sipping mojitos and complaining about how ridiculously hot the island is, a group of architecture students from the University of Malta flew to Lithuania to participate in a huge international gathering of students across Europe.

While there they divided into groups, and under the guidance of their tutors (two of whom were also Maltese students) created some incredible structures with the theme 'Not Yet Decided'.

1. Dream Dune

Maltese participant: Martina Callus

Tutors: Eoin McCooey, Roibeárd Ó Máinín, Dobrin Petkov

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Photo: Dobrin Petkov

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Alexandra Kononchenko

2. The Flying Gap

Maltese participant: Ella Fleri Soler

Tutors: Grégoire Guex-Crosier, Mattia Pretolani

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Photo: Ieva Karpavičiūtė

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Photo: Ieva Karpavičiūtė

3. Dune

Maltese participant: Zak Pulis (Tutor)

Tutors: Ciara Geary, Zak Pulis

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4. Highlight

Maltese participant: Karl Camilleri

Tutors: Cesar Bazin, Matthieu Bordreuil, Octave Giaume, Thibault Kantok

Highlight 1

Photo: Lucas Bonnel

Highlight 2

Photo: Lucas Bonnel

5. Nocturne

Maltese participants: Katrina Gauci, Clara Farrugia, Robert Farrugia

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Photo: Tadej Pavlic

6. A.Maze.Ing

Maltese participants: Lucia Calleja, Luke Sciberras, Raffaella Corrieri

Tutors:Elena Sofia Congiu, Matteo de Francesco, Marco A. Noli

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7. The Living Boom

Maltese participants: Mark Cauchi

Tutors: Miguel Ángel Maure Blesa, Carlotta Franco, Arian Lehner, Javier Guerra Gómez


Photo: Alexandra Kononchenko

8. Collector Gatherer

Maltese participant: Matthew Scerri

Tutors: Rory Rankin, Brett Mahon

Coll 1

Photo: Brett Mahon

Collect 2

Photo: Brett Mahon

Bonus: Last year's EASA was hosted in Malta, and Valletta has never looked more beautiful!

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Photo: Sean Mayl

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