Dead Trees And Playful Ceramics: Maltese Father And Son Duo To Hold First Ever Joint Exhibition In Gozo

The Scerris are bringing everything from remnants of our island's fallen trees to attempts at social dialogue


Most fathers would do anything to see their children follow in their footsteps, and one Maltese father will definitely be proud of what his son has managed to achieve in his same field.

Vo_eracity will see sculptor Paul Scerri exhibit his works alongside those by his own son, Thomas Scerri. Between the 16th of November and the 9th of December, both their works will be jointly exhibited for the first time ever at the Lazuli Art Gallery in Gozo.

Paul Scerri started out working with sculptures back in the 70s when he studied under the supervision of Chev. Esprit Barthet at the Government School of Arts. He also attended a ceramics course at the Accademia di Belle Arti Pietro Vanucci in Perugia. Later, Paul studied the field in Faenza along with design and ceramic tiles decoration in Imola.

When he returned to Malta, Paul taught ceramics at the Art and Design Centre in Valletta for four years. The sculptures which Paul will showcase during Vo_eracity are representative of today’s society, one that is built on apathy, ignorance, greed and the love of power.

He focuses on traits that are destructing our ambiance and characteristics, eating away our identity as human beings.

“The sitting position of the sculptures indicate an attempt to dialogue, a discussion to cure this socio-economic malady,” Paul said.


Paul's son Thomas, on the other hand, strives towards abstract concepts which take on organic shapes, creating a contrast between natural and manmade structures.

He obtained a Diploma in Design Foundation Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Arts, and is currently sitting for a Master of Arts in Digital Arts.

The works Thomas will exhibit for Vo_eracity revolve around the number of trees that are being sacrificed to make space for urban development. Trunks from the actual trees which were cut off were used in his body of work, letting the trees themselves dictate the final form of his creations.

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Chiara Micallef