Every Child Is A Superhero In New, Colourful Maltese Book

And its backstory is as adorable as its characters

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We're The New Superheroes is a new Maltese children's picture book full of charming illustrations and an incredible message. Simply put, it wants to teach children that while they might not be able to fly or crawl up walls, they are still superheroes.

Starring young Jake and Emily, the book shows children ten superpowers that they each have, from the power of curiosity to that of intuition. "This is a tool which will cultivate an awareness of inner strengths and help our young warriors battle anything that comes their way," author 'Aunty Sab' said.

The book, which is equal parts a self-help tool and a great picture book for preschool, kindergarten, first grade and second grade classrooms, will be launching as part of a School Reading Roadshow to celebrate UNESCO's Children's Day on 20th November.

As if that wasn't adorable enough, there's even an endearing story behind how the writer discovered the illustrator who brought her idea to life. 

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"A year ago, Lovin Malta had featured Emma Galea Naudi at the same time when I was looking for an illustrator!" Aunty Sab told us. "Thanks to you, we kicked off a great collaboration!" 

When Lovin Malta featured Emma's illustrations last year, the young artist had said she was highly influenced by the likes of Quentin Blake, who illustrated many of Roald Dahl's children's books. "I used to gaze at his illustrations and think, 'Yep, I could do that!'" Emma had told Lovin Malta, unknowingly paving her way for just that.

Because of this adorable connection, the author of We're The New Superheroes is offering Lovin Malta readers an exclusive reduced launch price. That's right; by using the coupon code NEWSUPERHEROES, our readers can benefit from a discounted price for this adorable book!

Launch celebrations for the new children's book is seeing a great deal of collaborators step forward. 

Jewellers Grech & Co are launching a collection of necklaces promoting various super powers in the book, with Farmers Deli creating an organic box of fruit and veg to promote healthy lunches and organic snacks for kids.

What's more, the first 1,000 book buyers will receive a collection of coupons from "superhero worthy brands", companies which promote healthy living, the arts, organic or motivational products.  These brands include Oh So YummyItsy Bitsy EyewearKekstor ToysEsploraMalta National AquariumSpinach Kids Fitness and PlayMobil Funpark.

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We Are The New Superheroes is available for purchase on Faraxa Publishing's website here, while more information can be found on the website official Facebook Page and website.

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