This Maltese Self-Taught Artist Is Bringing Free Art Therapy Sessions To Ħamrun

Malta's getting a touch of art and therapy today

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Art therapy is the best form of therapy in the universe. Ever. You get to be messy, reduce your stress levels, and overcome anxieties. Also, you can draw all the people you dislike being eaten by Cthulhu. Ace. And it's all happening in Malta today.

The Ħamrun Local Council and Mr Denis Calleja will be giving people with disabilities the opportunity to produce some much-needed art in a judgement-free space.

Calleja is a self-taught artist, voluntary worker and holds art therapy activities for people with disabilities both locally and overseas. He has organised such activities in countries like Lithuania, Bulgaria, Italy and Slovenia.

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These art therapy sessions are often held in public spaces to promote inclusion, creativity and personality development.

This free event is currently being held at the Ħamrun Local Council Hall in Triq id-Duka ta’ Edinburgh.

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Chiara Micallef