Handmade Perfection: This Malta-Based Jeweller Has The Perfect Early Christmas Gifts Up For Grabs

"This work calms me down"

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We like jewellery. And we're referring to Malta here. As a nation, adorning our body with intricate pieces is a must.

Just look at your grandmama's three-ringed hand to understand how well-ingrained jewellery is in our culture. From complicated nanna-style filigree pieces to a collection of festival arm bands on your homebros, we just can’t get enough of physical adornments.

Thankfully for us, our island is brimming with creatives who do a great job at it. Say hello to Dima's Art Spirit.

Dimana’s charming creations range from dream catchers, scarves and earrings, to bracelets and necklaces.

She has been working on these lovely pieces since 2016, and the last two years have taught her a lot. “Learning how to knit them at first was really difficult, I started simple at first, but later on I transitioned to making Kabbalah bracelets, shamballa, precious stone chip bracelets, infinity scarves and dream catchers,” she told Lovin Malta.

“This work calms me down," Dimana said. "It’s very relaxing for me to do and seeing the finalised product is very satisfying.”

She learnt how to make the shamballa bracelets thanks to a woman she met two years ago.

“I was very interested in learning how to make them, when I got better at it I opened my Facebook page and started selling my handmade jewellery. I enjoy working with my hands,” she said.

Here are some pretty pieces from Dima's Art Spirit.

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