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You Can Now Show Off Your Presepju-Making Talents At St. John’s Co-Cathedral

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St. John’s Co-Cathedral and Museum in Valletta are giving you the chance to display your very own homemade presepju (a.k.a. nativity crib) inside the Co-Cathedral. Crib making is a longstanding Catholic pastime and tradition, and the St. John’s Co-Cathedral Foundation hope to receive offers from artists and crib enthusiasts around the island.

Interested applicants will have to build the cribs from scratch, design and have them installed inside one of the Cathedral’s chapels.

Here are some ground rules

  • Your crib must showcase the nativity scene, and feature the usual starring roles, mainly baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph
  • The crib needs to be adequately lit (and you have to supply the lighting)
  • No bolted-down cribs – the Cathedral’s worth her weight in gold so all submissions must be freestanding
  • The more long-lasting and easy-to-assemble your presepju is, the better your chances are

The cost for the production, design and installation of the crib will be taken care of by the Foundation, therefore they’ll be the sole owners of the sweet crib.

Interested? Here’s what you have to do

Along with your personal details, you’ll need to submit a short description of your presepju including overall concept, design and proposed outcome. If you’ve done some similar works in the past, be sure to put it all together in a portfolio and present the along too. Lastly, you need to provide a minimum of two years crib guarantee for both works and materials.

Click here for more details and application form

May the odds be ever in your crib-making favour!

Closing date for this competition is Monday 24th of September 2018 at noon!

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