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‘I Don’t Have A Theory, I Just Have A Feeling’: New Sliema Exhibition Explores Liberation

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Exploring liberation through art, I don’t have a theory, I just have a feeling is the latest exhibition at the newly-opened R Gallery in Sliema.

The second exhibition that the gallery is hosting is a solo show by experimentalist and multi-media artist Kane Cali.

I don’t have a theory, I just have a feeling is an act of liberation. A creative catharsis, it explores the artist’s search for artistic and personal freedom through which feelings, spontaneity, and instinct are sublimated.

Photo by Lisa Attard

Photo by Lisa Attard

Described as a detachment from an obsessive search for meaning, Kane Cali’s work “explores his process driven by emotional response, memory, and external stimuli through the organic use of candescent colours, and serial repetitions in fragmented, figurative forms”.

“Away from theoretic rigidity often celebrated in Western contemporary art, Cali chooses to give in to involuntary happenings, bearing witness to the spontaneous nature of the creative process, in spite of the artist’s methodical use of technological media.”

“The result is an artistic release that holds space for improvisation, offering a new dynamism to the rigid casting process and creating adaptable, multidimensional expressions.”

Cali is a Maltese experimentalist and artist with an acute fascination with the malleability of data and he has explored various mediums, focusing mostly on ceramics, glass, and three-dimensional printing.

The artist wishes to thank Noel Pace, Julia Galea, and Martin Pace, as well as Lillian and Peter Ripard, the patrons of R Gallery.

The show opened on 10th November and runs until 3rd December. 

Cover image: Raphael Pace

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