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In A Maltese Town Far, Far Away: This Local 3D Artist Can Make Anything From Darth Vader PPE Masks To Customised Busts

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Like Luke Skywalker on a Tatooine farm, not many know about this Maltese 3D freelance artist who spends his spare time crafting some incredible models, most of which are inspired by the epic space opera, Star Wars.

Over the past seven years, Nicholas Vella Magri Demajo, aka The Sith Crafter, has honed his passion for 3D modelling and product design and developed it into a full-fledged craft, commissioning some incredible helmets, models and, most recently, Star Wars-inspired PPE face masks.

“It all starts with an idea and creating a concept,” Nicholas told Lovin Malta. “Only when the concept has been finalised will I start working on the 3D model.”

“The reason for this is so I can then 3D print and rapid prototype. This is one of the most fundamental stages in the production design.”

While his main area of expertise is product design, Nicholas enjoys spending his free time working on 3D modelling Star Wars characters, a highly-niche area that has proven super popular, garnering an international audience eager to get their hands on a piece of his work.

Nicholas' main area of expertise is product design

Nicholas' main area of expertise is product design

“I have been obsessed with Star Wars ever since I was just five years old. My father’s doing really, as he made me jump from watching Barney to Star Wars: A New Hope when I was still a child,” he said.

“There is an extremely high demand for 3D printing Star Wars models, especially abroad. Almost all of my private commissions have been from abroad since most of my loyal clients lie there.”

Some of his work includes popular Star Wars characters such as Kylo Ren, General Grievous and a Phase 2 Clone Trooper…

… as well as a canon classic, Darth Revan. 

However, The General Grevious model is a true masterpiece and a particular favourite of The Sith Crafter.

“It’s the first 3D printable model ever produced – an extremely high accomplishment for me as a 3D designer to create something that has never been done before,” he said.

Nicholas has also crafted a 3D printable Darth Vader helmet that fits together perfectly with magnets – a great cosplay accessory.

And in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, he’s also crafted a highly-unique and functioning Darth Vader facemask fully equipped with personal protective equipment.

“My first batch has already sold out. I am now preparing a second batch to supply the massive demand,” he said.

From modelling with paper and fibreglass at the age of 14 at home to creating incredible 3D renders for clients abroad, Nicholas is truly living a Star Wars story.

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