Malta Will Celebrate Carnival During Lent For The First Time Ever

Carnival enthusiasts have widely welcomed this decision

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Carnival’s roots are as a final blowout right before the fasting period of Lent, but Malta will break the mould for the first time ever this year.

Thunderstorms had forced organisers to cancel the Carnival celebrations on Friday and Saturday but justice minister Owen Bonnici confirmed events will be held this coming Saturday and Sunday. This means they will be held after Ash Wednesday, which will be observed by Catholics tomorrow.

The historic decision was widely welcomed by Malta’s carnival enthusiasts. 

“This has never happened before, and we’ve received so many comments of thanks,” said Clint Axisa, president of the Carnival Participants. “After the announcement was made, SMSes kept flooding my mobile for 15 minutes. I thank everyone responsible for this decision.” 

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Float-maker Brian Bonnici said he had often urged the authorities to hold Carnival after Ash Wednesday. 

“This year wont be easy because of the excess costs involved and because some people won’t be able to take leave for those days, but the first and most difficult step has been taken,” he said.  

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Similarly Lionel Gerada, head of events at the Malta Tourism Authority, said this decision should set a precedent for future Carnival celebrations. 

Do you think Carnival should be celebrated after Ash Wednesday? 

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