Malta's Answer To Classic Art Memes Are Hilariously Brutal

They say life imitates art...

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Throwing modern day captions over centuries-old art is not something anyone could have predicted would be a massive global trend. But as with most things, the internet has now officially made it a thing, and Malta's very own U Mose qalilhom "Fejn huma il qhabbb" is reppin the global trend back home.

Here are some of the funniest posts from their page.

1. They raise some valid points

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2. And understand the frustrations of the people


3. Using some of the greatest hashtags ever seen #AllTheWayMalMulej

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4. All while perfectly capturing the spirit of the Maltese

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5. Some of these are seriously doing the lord's work


6. And others are pointing out some obvious truths

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7. But the best ones

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8. Just celebrate how ridiculous some of these paintings are

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Thanks U Mose qalilhom "Fejn huma il qhabbb" - keep doing what you do.

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