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Magical events usually only happen once in a lifetime, but for some people they're an annual calendar staple. One Maltese man combines his passion for gorgeous architecture with his love for entertaining by throwing an annual celebration for the books.

But why does he do it? Well, in his own words: "when interesting people meet in stunning venues, great things are bound to happen".

Konrad Buhagiar, a founding partner of Architecture Project (AP) and passionate architect with an eye for rehabilitation works across the island, knows the historical context behind every location he chooses, and also knows how to make guests' Instagram feeds look like screenshots from a movie.

This year's stunning celebration was in Rome

"Good architecture can generate a beautiful energy, and that is a fundamental ingredient of success."

Hosted at the Altare della Patria in the heart of Piazza Venezia, this monument was built to celebrate the first king of a united Italy, Vittorio Emmanuele II.

"For me, these events are all about friendship. It’s a great way to catch up with all my friends who live abroad, and a perfect moment for my friends belonging to different times of my life to meet."

Asked how he chooses such stunning locations, he teases that it's not always as straight-forward as it seems. "This may sound a little bit presumptuous but I think that in every case so far, the building chose me."

Many of the venues are not available to the public to rent out for private events, so a with the help of his friends from across the continent, Konrad is able to connect with the right people to gain exclusive access to these locations.

"All I have to do is wait for the opportunity to fall into my lap, and then take it."

All his parties shared a common thread regardless of location - the beautiful sunset that carried throughout the space. "I love providing the opportunity for new friendships to be forged and exquisite memories to be created."

Last year's party was equally showstopping, with a casual meeting of minds in Paris

That's right, the previous trip saw friends, family and colleagues look out across a Parisian paradise from one of the world's most recognisable structures: The Eiffel Tower.

The Parisian party was immortalised in a book that documented the event as a photo-essay, with pictures by the talented Kris Micallef throughout the night. Konrad's opening lines from the publication help to frame the party's theme and give a little taste of what guests got to experience.

"Parties are another planet. On this planet people leave their inhibitions behind, discard convention, have wild and unedited conversations and make merry. Here they are at their most natural, confident and ostentatious. Friendships are forged, deals struck, seductions played out, fates determined, and memories are created."

With a deep admiration for the work of the world's forefathers, Konrad's love for historic sites peaked after studying restoration in Rome. "Still, the past is what it is and although we should do our utmost to treasure and preserve its artefacts, masterpieces and symbols, our concern should be the future."

That's why Architecture Project works to contribute in an "incredible and indelible way" to the landscape, both physical and cultural, of the future.

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