Maltese Boċċi Clubs Star In Vogue Magazine Shoot

The snaps were taken by a talented local photographer too

Lovin Malta Cover

Some images are instant tells of the country they're representing, and nothing screams Malta like an open stone courtyard, a niche and some plastic chairs in a corner.

But everything can be editorial with the right angles and a keen eye - and that's exactly what Maltese photographer Stephanie Galea managed to do in her shoot for Vogue Italia.

Calling this a tribute to both her home island and her late grandmother, Stephanie captures the beauty in the simplicity of one of the island's beloved pastimes.

With over 30 shots published on the online article, the photographic essay covers everything from the actual rounds of boċċi to the endless games of rummy played inside the club.

Snapped at three different locations - Paola, Żejtun and Birgu's boċċi clubs - the photos serve as a reminder to those who don't always appreciate the beauty in our traditions.

It's also a great reminder that the higher the hair, the closer to God, because that wig is marvellous.

Check out the full collection of snaps and tell us which are your faves!

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Chucky Bartolo

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