Maltese Design Studio Bags Prestigious Commission For London's Royal Parks

London's landscape is getting a Maltese touch

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Maltese Architect Jonathan Mizzi and his team have just bagged a prestigious commission to deliver a new fleet of free-standing kiosks for London’s Royal Parks. 

The fleet has been designed for the Colicci brand, which has secured a major contract with The Royal Parks to deliver a family fleet of 20 kiosks across some of London's most famous parks, including Hyde Park, Green Park, St James’s Park and Victoria Tower Gardens.

“We are honoured to have been entrusted with such a prestigious project of this size and scale. The kiosks form an important part of The Royal Parks heritage by serving the public with refreshments and acting as local information points. The design challenge was to create a family fleet of functional sculptures with a goal to continuously surprise and delight while further enhancing the visitor’s experience. This is an important milestone for the studio and is central to our commitment to innovative sustainable design for the public realm," said Jonathan Mizzi.

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Anyone who has ever sat around the lake at Hyde Park in London will have seen these popular food kiosks. Now, starting from 1st October onwards, the 20 new kiosks will begin to be rolled out, including 10 freestanding mobile kiosks and three refurbished Colicci kiosks. 

Marking the entrances to the Grade I listed parks, Mizzi Studio’s revolutionary tree-like kiosks respond sympathetically to their environment, embodying The Royal Parks’ brand values as a sustainability leader.

The scheme will also uniformly represent the Colicci brand and its artisan products through a selection of sophisticated, sustainable, and warm materials, brought together using digital manufacturing with traditional timber steam bending techniques.

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Each kiosk is tailored to the history, nuances and demographics of its respective site, with the hero structure, the striking brass horseshoe kiosk in St James’s Park - a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace - mirroring the ornate precious metals that adorn Sir Thomas Brock’s iconic Victoria Memorial. 

Andrew Varnava, Catering Contract Manager, The Royal Parks, said: ‘We are delighted to award Colicci the contract to provide a new fleet of kiosks for Hyde, St James’s and Green Parks.


"This fleet is the culmination of a life-long dream for the Colicci brand and for our family. We began our association with The Royal Parks over 20 years ago - with the opening of The Pheasantry Cafe in Bushy Park in 2013 giving rise to a new Colicci brand - and are thrilled that this relationship has now been cemented further. We couldn’t be more excited for the next steps to unfold," said Rob Colicci.

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