Postcards From Paradise: These 8 Images Will Show You A Side Of Malta You've Probably Never Seen Before

The photography book all about Malta launches tonight in Valletta

Lovin Malta Postcards From Paradise

A new surreal photography book all about Malta is set to show you a more colourful side to the islands than most of us are used to seeing.

Duška Malešević's Postcards From Paradise: A Look Beyond is launching tonight at the Valletta Contemporary in Malta's capital city.

“Duška’s photographs reveal an ‘unofficial’ Malta – the story of the islands and its mutations, where time was indefinable and events unfolded at a slower pace," Charlie Cauchi said ahead of the event. "The images are candid and sincere – there is no abstraction or mystery: it is a stratification of customs, some long preserved, others irretrievably lost."

"In this project, Duška looked beyond Malta’s postcard exterior and documented the more intimate, surreal side of life on the island where space and time undergo peculiar transformations, exploring the Maltese complex identity that has a mix of North African, southern Italian, Mediterranean and British influences."

"Duška has not captured any aspect of the ‘picturesque’, she isn’t on the beach, floating in the water or sipping coffee in the pjazza. Instead, she is hidden around the corner, perched on the rooftops, on the threshold of a door left ajar – this is her paradise."

"She contemplates the norm with an open and receptive spirit; with the eye of an outsider who has lived intimately amongst the relics and symbols of this unique and contradictory island, she underlines transience, she documents the dilettantism as it slips away and, in so doing, questions the destiny of this ancient archipelago as it moves into the future.”

To celebrate her launch, Malešević has shared some select photographs with Lovin Malta to give you a sense of what the project is all about

Duska Malesevic 57
Duska Malesevic 55
Duska Malesevic 53
Duska Malesevic 27
Duska Malesevic 26
Duska Malesevic 22
Duska Malesevic 11
Duska Malesevic 02
Duska Malesevic 04
Duska Malesevic 08
Duska Malesevic 06

You can catch the launch of Postcards From Paradise tonight, Friday 26th April, from 7pm onwards, at Valletta Contemporry, 15, 16, 17 East Street Valletta, Malta

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