Saucy Maltese-Australian Romance Steals Hearts At The International Film Festival

Added bonus, it features incredible shots of Malta


The Malta International Film Festival awarded Best Film to Love to Paradise this weekend, a romance film directed by Maltese-Australian filmmaker Julian Galea. 

The film follows an American tourist (played by Myko Olivier) who falls in love with a local artist (played by Marysia S. Peres) while on a trip through the Maltese islands.

It's a story we've all heard before, but the lovingly captured views of Malta moved not only local audiences, but foreign ones as well. The film has been getting an incredibly positive response from the Australian media.

You can watch the trailer for yourself here.

The Sydney based builder-turned-director was stunned at the reception of his debut project, and the great response has inspired him to start work on his next film, also based in Malta.

"Love To Paradise is a very personal and honest exploration of my search for paradise and a deeper understanding of my embedded roots on the other side of the world."

Like many people of Maltese descent in Australia, Mr.Galea had never actually been to Malta before filming. Still, our Australian relatives romanticize their ancestral home, living off of stories their grandparents told them and the few keepsakes they took with them when they emigrated. Hopefully this film will inspire a generation of Maltese-Australian citizens to come visit. 

Love To Paradise
Love To Paradise 2

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