This Incredible Photo Of Valletta Needs To Be The Poster For A Dystopian Movie

'It was 2035 and most of mankind had fled underground...'

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The bells at St. John's Co-Cathedral have stopped ringing and the last 'Maxims' has closed its garage-like doors; it's 2035 and most of Malta's population now lives underground.

Sometimes one image can spark a thousand ideas, and this incredible shot by local photographer David Zammit did exactly that. Snapped in St. Ursula's street Valletta, the photo is simply called 'Lonesome Traveller'.

David Zammit is best known for his stunning working in the water, and has travelled far and wide to capture some breathtaking shots.

Speaking to Lovin Malta, David explained his love for photography came from its dynamic nature. 

"So many elements that make up a photo are constantly changing, which is exciting in the way that it forces you to get creative with what you’ve got to work with. Photography is a form of self expression, and like any creative process, the better you know yourself and what it is you would like to express, the clearer that comes across to the viewer, and the more you can get out of the process in return."

Photography has given him the opportunity to travel the world working on various assignments, and he says it's been one of the best ways to learn about himself in the process.

And if you've always dreamt of turning your passion into a career just like David did, then he's got some solid advice for you. It all begins when you invest in the journey.

"My advice to anyone starting off on their own creative journey is to simply start. Commit to the process and let passion and curiosity lead and direct you. Understand that the camera is just the tool, the crucial step is to find the subject that you connect with most, and immerse yourself in that. Don’t let the technicalities of the tool become a hurdle."

"As creatives we all have the potential to share a unique story, so understand that photography is an art form, a form of self-expression, don’t let comparisons become a hurdle."

But it's more than just the shots alone, his whole feed tells a story, and looks gorgeous doing so. So make sure you treat your insta-timeline to some wicked Maltese talent and follow him on @DavidZammit on instagram, or on Facebook.

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