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Looking at Sef Farrugia's designs, it's hard not to see the similarities between her style and a Wes Anderson-like aesthetic. 

Most of her designer items look like they could have been in any one of his films, if any of his films had been shot in Malta.

The Maltese designer has been channelling her Maltese heritage into her very modern and contemporary designs, mixing Maltese traditional-ity with a lightness and softness not often seen in Maltese design. 

"It comes naturally," Sef said of her Maltese inspiration. "I am born and bred in Malta, in one of the oldest villages, Haż-Żebbuġ. Having been raised by a large family whose qualities are very much tied to our islands, moreover our village, have inevitably instilled a strong sense of identity and therefore, subconsciously, I am drawn to anything and everything which is indirectly or directly ‘Maltese’."

Her design inspiration goes deeper than how she was raised, but comes from a part of her personality that is attracted to this aesthetic.

"Had I been based in a city or in some other country, I would have still been drawn to the same things that distinguishes that specific country, its beauty, its mundanity and everything else which makes its individuality," she told Lovin Malta. "Since I am based in Malta, I tend to absorb what is around instinctively."

After years of creating beautiful clothes and accessories, Sef has now turned her sights on households, and is launching her first ever cushion collection. 

"It has been a long time coming, so I am pleased that it is now official! The cushions come in silk satin crepe as well as organic cotton twill and they come in many different shapes and sizes," she said.

She's hoping that the latest editions to her collection will give a special touch to people's lives.

"I hope it somewhat ‘adds’ something to their lives and most of all makes them feel good. I truly believe that if one surrounds themselves with beauty (whatever that means to them) it supports the quality of the life one lives," she said.


As far as getting her designs into a Wes Anderson film, she says "I have been waiting on his call since 1999, but I’m afraid he is not conscious of my existence (yet)!"

You can check out Sef Farrugia's catalogue on her official Facebook page as well as her soon-to-be-launched website.

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