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WATCH: Action-Packed Maltese Film Gets Its First Trailer… And It’s Something Else

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What if your best friend killed the boyfriend of the girl you like, and then miraculously you ended up dating her? Would you tell her? Perhaps not the most relatable problem out there, but that’s the plot for the latest Malta-made film to hit the scene.

‘In The Hot Seat’ follows protagonist Robert as he pines over a “hot girl on Facebook”, as he describes her. But much to his disappointment, said “hot girl” is in a relationship. I’m sure “hot girl” has a name, but we’re not given the pleasure of learning her name in the trailer or synopsis.

So just like in most mainstream media, she will be referred to as “hot girl”, because that’s the only reason she’s in the film.

The trailer is slightly confusing, but if one thing is sure, it’s that ‘In The Hot Seat’ is full of drama and action

Somehow, a total of five people end up dead, there’s blood all over the news caster’s camera, anonymous letters are sent in, and a comic book comes to life.

If you’re still unsure what the film is about, maybe their own synopsis will help.

Didn’t help? Oh well.

But bad intonation and questionable plot lines aside, these guys seem to have worked really hard on this film

It may not be the highest of quality production, but that hasn’t stopped local broadcasters before. Hey Akila.

‘In The Hot Seat’ seems to boast some interesting VFX work and a script that is somewhat continuous, with actors that have committed to their roles. So while it’s no The Boat, kudos to these guys for actually taking an idea and putting it on its feet. That’s more than most of us can say we’ve done.

There’s no information as to where and when the film will be released, but you can follow their Facebook page for more updates.

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