WATCH: Anti-Abortion Float With Baby And Stork Makes Grand Parade Through Valletta Carnival

"We wanted to send out a message in favour of life and against abortion"

Several strikingly garish carnival floats were on display in Valletta last weekend, as they are every year, but there was one which stood out in particular.

Complete with a stork delivering a bundled baby, a doctor, a carousel, a children’s book and a tree with a face (ostensibly referring to the Tree of Life), the float was intended to send a message against abortion.


Facebook (Malta - A Diamond In The Mediterranean)

The float was the work of Kevin and Brenda Chetucti, a husband-wife duo who make up the Crasher Carnival Company, and it was adequately named: “Toħloqx Delitt, Għax Għall-Ħajja Għandi Dritt!” (“Don’t Commit A Crime, Because I Have A Right To Life”).

In an interview with Festivals Malta, Kevin and Brenda spoke about their passion for Carnival and the creation of floats, and the sacrifice it entails

“I won’t say we live for Carnival, but it plays a big part in our lives and takes up a lot of time,” Brenda said. “We cannot go out that often and even in Christmastime, when everyone would be meeting their families, our time would be far more limited.”


Kevin Chetcuti works on the float. Photo: Festivals Malta

“Crasher [Kevin’s nickname] was initially against the abortion theme when I proposed it to him, but he turned around when we spoke more about it and the message behind it. We wanted to send out a message in favour of life and against abortion, we’re not just making a float for the sake of it.”

The float was coincidentally rolled out a weekend before the official launch of Malta’s first pro-choice movement, a coalition of organisations and individuals who intend to campaign for reproductive rights.

Featured Image, Left Photo: Facebook (Malta - A Diamond In The Mediterranean)

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