WATCH: Maltese Director's Beautiful Video Gets Featured On Major International Profile

And it's getting a lot of love online

A video by Maltese director James Vernon has made a large splash online, even being hosted on Nowness, one of the biggest art and culture website.

The video, in which James captures the genre-busting choreography of American dancer Kevin Tate, has spread online due to it's elegant direction and incredible manipulation of light and darkness.

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Featuring music by Australian composer and pianist Adrian Klumpes, came about after James went to New York. Lovin Malta spoke to James about his stunning video.

"I was extremely fortunate that somebody connected me with dancer Kevin Tate while I was in New York in August," James told Lovin Malta. "I pitched my idea for a dance video and he agreed to shoot it. I was pretty surprised (and excited) when the Nowness agent said that they wanted to run the video as one of their weekly top stories. The response has been great. A couple of top dancers in New York now want to shoot with me and I've got a meeting with a big agency next time I'm back there," he said excitedly.

With an emotional soundtrack to accompany it, the video captures viewers  with Kevin Tate's expressive dance moves and James' use of light and darkness. 

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To make matters a bit more interesting, and as a bit of a coincidence, Kevin Tate, the dancer in the video, happens to be friends with the girl in a dance video James had shot in Malta earlier this year.

The world really can be a small place sometimes. 

What do you think of James Vernon's video? Do you know of other stunning directors in Malta? Let us know in the comments below.

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