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Winter Is Coming… To An End: We Tried To Predict Game Of Thrones’ Ending And Here Are All Our Theories

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2011 feels like such a long time ago. The unstoppable governmental force that is the Labour Party was still in opposition, Gozo still had an Azure Window… and Game of Thrones was still that small new TV series on the block. Now that we’ve finally arrived at the end, how the hell will it all end?

Because most Thrones fans are currently all wrapped up in speculation, fan theory and fully-fledged bets, we’ve decided to have a go at predicting the end of what has steadily become the biggest series to ever air on TV ahead of the last two GOT episodes to ever air.

No spoilers ahead. Unless one of us right. In which case, wow.

1. Bettina: The Romantic Ending(s)

“Jon kills Daenerys, who is out of control and reigns the Seven Kingdoms. Jamie kills Cersei, Sansa marries Tyrion and Arya marries the Hound.”

Half possible, half ohmygodnopleasemakeitstop.

2. Dave: The ‘Mad Queen’ Theory

“Daenerys continues to prove she’s (a) mad with power and (b) not actually a good ruler, getting pettier and more dangerous by the minute. Cersei is overthrown (probably at the cost of Dany’s last dragon), but as Daenerys fears treason from the Jon/Tyrion/Varys camp, she ends up killing Jon (perhaps accidentally?), and Arya kills her to avenge her brother. Sansa and Tyrion get married and rule the Seven Kingdoms, unifying Starks and Lannisters.”

Wishful thinking? Perhaps. Great ending? Duh.
I’m definitely not biased, promise.

3. Luke: Everyone Dies

“Cersei dies 100%, most likely killed by Arya. The Mountain is killed by the Hound but I think the Hound dies anyways. Danny is killed by one of Varys’ spies/little birds after she got batshit crazy and tries to kill Jon and probably manages. With Jon and Danny dead, Sansa and Tyrion hook up, have beautiful babies and rule the Seven Kingdoms together.”

So kind of on the same page… just with even more deaths.

4. Steffie: Everyone Dies. No, but like, Everyone.

“I predict that everyone will die and no one will take the throne. That way, the whole show would have all been for nothing. No one wins, and everyone dies.”

Wow. Talk about Valar Morghulis.

5. Simon: The Uninformed But Plausible Shocker

“I don’t watch the show, but Arya Stark dies.”

6. Tim: The Elaborate Ending(s)

“Arya heads off to King’s Landing with the Hound to kill Cersei but changes her plan after hearing that Daenerys plans to execute Sansa for treason. Arya kills Grey Worm, takes his face and successfully kills Dany. Tyrion finds out about the plan and somehow ends up committing the ultimate sacrifice that involves Drogon eating him alive. The Hound kills the Mountain, Euron abandons Cersei, Jaime kills Cersei, Jon ends up on the Iron Throne, Arya heads off travelling to Asshai and beyond… and Bronn finally gets his castle.”

Tim should be hired to write one of these things.

7. Julian: The One That Hits Too Close To Home

“Electoral promise for the ‘breaking of chains’ is ignored while inner circle are protected despite treasonous acts. Destruction of King’s Landing is blamed on foreigners. Leaders step down but still try to hold onto power. Dragons move offshore. Magisterial Inquiry is opened up upon request of the opposition (whoever that might be) with a redacted version of season 9 expected to air in 2020.”

Game Of Thrones Joseph Muscat

“Fejnhom l-iljuni tal-Lannisters?!”

How do you think Game of Thrones will end? Let us know in the comments and tag a fan who has their own theory!

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