7 Best Selling Sex Toys In Malta

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In Malta conversations about sex tend to be quite limited. Thankfully over time the subject has become a lot less taboo, and yet there are still some things we shy away from - sex toys being one of them.

But not talking about something doesn't mean it's not happening, so Lovin Malta sat down with Mariya from Temple of Pleasure to find out which toys were favourites with her Maltese clients.

1. Butt plugs

While mostly sold to foreigners, the Maltese don't shy away from back door exploration. That being said, they do tend to go for smaller ones.


2. Cock rings

There's probably a less blunt name for these, but this is the name that made them famous. In Malta the variety which also includes a ring for the scrotal area (you wouldn't want them to feel left out) are the best sellers.

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3. Double-sided dildos

Sharing a dildo is some next level intimacy, but apparently in Malta they're all the rage. Good on us for being OK with getting so close.

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4. Rechargeable vibrators

This is the apparent go-to purchase for Maltese husbands looking to spice things up between the sheets.

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5. Strap-ons

Once a couple is more comfortable with their purchases, the strap-on tends to be their fifth or sixth order (talk about 'once you pop you can't stop'). Although Maltese couples have admitted they don't use it right away, they still put it on a couple of times - just for the role play.

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6. Fetish underwear

Anything in leather, with bits to pull and tighten seem to do well in Malta. There have also been a lot of requests for collars and latex tights.

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7. Soft bondage kits

Another beginner's order that took Malta by storm, surprisingly around the same time '50 Shades of Grey" became popular. Purchases usually start as something soft and romantic, like a satin ribbon. Maltese customers tend to stick with the softer stuff, which is focused on the roleplay, rather than the full on S&M vibe.

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