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Can You Guess WTF These Garbage Bags Are Doing Hanging Off Maltese Rooftops?

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Wonderful traits and weird traditions are everywhere you look in Malta, and we’ve just come across another golden one. A post on the popular Facebook forum The Salott showed a photo of garbage bags hanging off roofs, with the person who originally shared the image asking whether there was some new trend she wasn’t aware of. Well, it turns out there is.


The post instantly gathered traction, with different people trying to guess what the use for the roof garbage bags could possibly be. 

“Buildings are going up so fast that these bags are put there to prevent buildings from knocking against each other in high winds,” one person suggested, hilariously (and quite intelligently) comparing Malta’s buildings to yachts in a marina. 

Another person compared the photo to a technology devised during the Great Siege to defend buildings from attackers, where bags filled with stones were released and dropped onto anyone below. Let’s face it; a wet garbage bag on a hot day is all the deterrent you need to stay away from a house. 


Among other comments, there was of course a correct answer or two. The garbage bags are apparently empty (phew), and they’re used to keep pigeons away. 

You know, like scarecrows. Scarepigeons. Garbage bag scarepigeons. Cool.


The empty garbage bags (although the original post claimed they actually weren’t empty) apparently scare pigeons away, and are used to keep the birds away from ventilators. 

And even though people offered other, better-looking solutions to this problem, (like tiny, semi-transparent plastic spikes), using garbage bags or shiny strips of foil are apparently more effective. They’re also way cheaper. 

The downside is… you know, you get to have garbage bags dangling off your roof. 

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