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Luxembourg Is About To Beat Malta As First European Country To Fully Legalise Cannabis

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While Malta is well on its way to legalise growing weed and introducing cannabis associations, Luxembourg is set to be the first country in Europe to fully legalise the plant.

The country’s new rules will allow adults to grow up to four plants in their homes for personal use, and the selling and trading of seeds will also be legal, Vice reported.

The reforms are made with the hopes of ending the illegal trade of the drug in the country, as it faces issues with the drug being sold on the black market. “We want to do everything we can to get more and more away from the illegal black market,” Justice Minister Sam Tamson told the Guardian.

By allowing people to grow it at home, the consumer will not be supporting the illegal chain from production to selling the drug. For that reason, sale and possession of the drug will remain prohibited, although there will not be a criminal charge for carrying less than 3 grams on you in person.

Luxembourg committed to legalising cannabis two years ago, and it looks like real change will be brought about soon.

Malta, in the meantime, has seen a cannabis legislation bill, to which the overwhelming majority of feedback has been positive. The proposed bill would legalise the personal use of cannabis up to 7 grams.

At the same time, Malta will introduce cannabis associations, a concept similar to Barcelona’s organisations that are allowed to grow and prepare the plant for members exclusively. People will be able to purchase cannabis and seeds from those associations while following certain prerequisites and rules.

Neighbouring country Italy will probably see a referendum on the decriminalisation of cannabis next year, which will perhaps be a first step in the direction of legalising the drug, too.

And while Europe’s current cannabis capital, the Netherlands, is well-known for its accepting approach to cannabis consumption, it actually practices a “tolerance policy” towards the plant and has not fully legalised it as of yet.

Are you excited to see Malta legalise cannabis?

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