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Pass It To The Left: Grab Some Awesome Smoking Gear From These Four Head Shops In Malta

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Medical cannabis is a thing in Malta, but recreational use is still not legal (here’s looking at you, 2020). But for those of you lucky enough to be able to spark up and cure whatever ails you, where do you get your gear?

With more and more head shops with innovative apparatus opening – from bongs to vaporisers and every flavour of rolling paper under the Maltese sun – here are four awesome head shops that are sure to light your fire.

1. Wowie & Kush

St Julian’s


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These new kids on the block are serving up some sweet tech for your green. They’ve got everything from classic bongs to glass pipes, and also a few vaporisers that might just be the safest way for you to go about your blazing.

They’re branding themselves as the first luxury head shop in Malta -. find them in Spinola Bay and puff all your troubles away.

2. Mom & Pop



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Mom & Pop in Paceville are one of Malta’s leading head shops, faithfully bringing in new products on the regular – but that’s not all they have on the shelves. They also stock some fine liquors – an obvious node to the fact that they’re also one of the bars you’ll find on the outskirts of Malta’s party capital.

You’ll also find a number of edible items on offer with these guys and, just in time for Christmas, they’re wrapping up some nifty little hampers with a little bit of everything inside.

3. HeadShopMalta


These guys have been in business since 2012 and are regulars on the Earth Garden scene.

Situated in Ħamrun, with a number of collection points set up across Malta you’ll find almost every flavour of skins on their site and instore and they’ve got some super stoner chic fashion items available, too.

4. Rolling Buddy

Delivery around Malta


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Rolling Buddy work online and deliver your orders to wherever you deem convenient, so you won’t have to awkwardly walk around town with a 40cm acrylic bong sticking out of your bags all day.

They also offer customisation of rolling papers, for branding purposes obviously, and are the people we have to thank for Ziggi’s undeniable prominence on the island.

You don’t need us to tell you, but smoking can cause damage to your health. If you would like help to quit, call 21231247. 

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