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VOX POP: What Do Malta’s Uni Students Think About Legalising Recreational Cannabis?

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It’s time to hear what Malta’s University students have got to say about the legalisation of recreational cannabis on the island.

Lovin Malta visited the legendary KSU Freshers Week at the University of Malta at the beginning of the scholastic year to give students the chance to say their part.

“Right now people are already using cannabis illegally and buying it from unknown sources, which puts the youth at risk,” said one student who was all for legalising. 

As part of a four-part Vox Pop series, students were given the chance to offer their opinion on various social issues, with the first part starting off with how they were feeling to be returning back on campus.

Now, we’re asking students to let us know their thoughts about the legalisation of recreational cannabis in Malta, a discussion that is currently being had on a national level.

There seem to be some mixed feelings on the issue, and foreign students seem to be more in favour than Maltese students.

Many expressed how with the correct regularisation and measures for control in place, recreational cannabis could be feasible, in turn making it safer for users.

“When people go to buy cannabis, you never know who you’re actually buying from. I think if there was more regulation in place, it would be a safer situation,” one said.

Others also acknowledged that the legalisation could even attract more tourists to Malta, and in turn bring many benefits for the economy.

Check out the full Vox Pop here and stay tuned for more to come

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