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Growing Cannabis For The First Time In Malta? Here Are Your 7 Essentials

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Now that you can legally grow four cannabis plants in the comfort of your own home, smokers and tokers have been frantically googling how to grow some pretty incredible strains.

However, growing a proper cannabis plant isn’t as easy as planting a seed and just letting it do its thing. 

Grow houses, lighting, humidity and so many factors go into growing that gorgeous bud. There are entire volumes of books and academic publications which go into the science behind it, so this article aims to cover all the basics you need when it comes to kick-starting your home-grown weed garden. 

Let’s take a look at the seven things you need to think about as you take your next step into being a cannabis connoisseur. 

1. Lighting

Providing your growing bud with the right amount of light it needs to turn into a beautiful weed plant is essential. Under Malta’s laws, you can only grow inside, so make sure you pick the right light resource for your space. 

With choices ranging from H.I.D, LED, CFL, and T5 bulbs, the light option you pick all depends on your growing area. Plants need 18 hours of light a day when in the vegetative stage and 12 hours a day when flowering, so keep this in mind when picking your grow zone.

2. Growing 

Growing herbs means that the plants will need actual physical space to grow. That’s why taking into account the height of your growing space and picking the right sized grow tent is essential.

The last thing you want is to have your beautiful flowering plants be squashed at the top of your grow area because you didn’t account for growing space. 

3. Pots 

Picking the right pot for your plant is incredibly essential. Cannabis plants need to create a super-strong root structure, so picking the type of pot that can withstand the roots and would make life easier for you is crucial. 

Have your pick between super flexible Fabric Pots that can withstand the root strength, different sized AirPots, which allow for some great oxygen flow, or the heat-retaining Foil Pot which will help regulate the temperature of your seed in case of cold climate.  

4. Ventilation 

Although growing cannabis isn’t as easy as growing any other plant, it still needs an adequate supply of CO2. Growing in your wardrobe means that you need to think about providing your plants with enough CO2 to let them flower into beautiful buds. 

This means that you also need to think about sucking up any odours through a Carbon Filter, boosting your soil with CO2, and neutralising the air to not have your whole house reeking of weed (as awesome as that is for some) with Neutralizers and Extractors

5. Temperature 

Cannabis plants need different temperatures through their different stages of growth.

Although the germination, seedling, vegetative, and flowering stages thrive under slightly different temperatures, keeping your space at a temperature as close to 26°C is ideal. That’s why having a thermometer that monitors the temperature in your grow zone is crucial.  

6. Nutrients 

Just like humans, weed plants need a healthy mix of the appropriate nutrients to be able to grow big and strong. You can either go down the easy route and pick a pre-mixed soil or try and come up with your own soil concoction using a whole load of different nutrients.

If you go down the mixing nutrients road, be warned that figuring out what works for you in your specific set-up will take some time and will affect your plant. If you are just beginning, pre-mixed soil is definitely your safest bet.

7. Water 

Cannabis plants don’t need any specific amount of water for them to grow into beautiful buds, just treat them like you would any other plant. The only thing you need to make sure of is that your pots have proper drainage systems.

If not, your roots could rot and your whole plant would go to waste.

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Get your hands on some seeds (soon), growing kits, and everything in between at GrowMalta’s online shop or by visiting their store in San Ġwann. 

With free delivery on orders over €50 and your goods arriving at your doorstep within 24 hours, all you need to worry about is rolling up.

Once you’ve successfully grown your very own smoke, all that’s left to do is cut the plants when you can see the beautiful buds, and hang them to dry in a dark place for around a week. 

Generally speaking, this whole process takes anywhere from three to eight months to reward you with your very own ganja to smoke, but the timing all depends on a lot of factors. Just make sure to check on your plants, treat them with love, and trim any leaves that might be dying, and you should be A-OK. 

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