11 Things We Learnt About Emma Muscat From Our In-Depth Interview With Her

Bet you didn't know half of these

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Emma Muscat's recent interview with Lovin Malta gave us the chance to finally sit down and speak to Malta's pop starlet about her rise to fame, her new lifestyle, and dealing with all the haters.

But there might have been a couple of things that you missed from the interviews. Find out more about Emma's take on her fans, music, and advice for anyone who wants to follow in her path.

1. Her fans are literally her everything

They send her letters, create posters, give her presents - but when she hugs them, "she feels their heart beating against mine, and it's just so sweet, I'm so grateful"

2. And they are already doing crazy things for her

She's got fans from all over Europe - and they travel far and wide just to meet her, sometimes travelling for hundreds of kilometers for her shows.

She's even got superfans who buy her album repeatedly just to meet her again and again at meet and greets, and a few have already gotten a tattoo of the name of her album!

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3. When she joined the Amici competition, she had 1,000 followers

She now has 732,000 followers - and counting.

4. She was really hurt by those who criticised her for not speaking Maltese

Being criticised for "forgetting her language" really hurt her, and she said she was offended by the criticism from what she described as "the language wars" her in Malta.

5. She strongly believes in equality between men and women

And she really hates it when people think guys will do better than girls just because they are guys, something she addresses in her song "Fake Bitches".

6. She'll never really say "addio" to Malta

She said she'll always return to Malta as her beloved homeland.

7. Her relationship with Biondo is as strong as ever

Her bond with Simone, as she calls him, is so strong because they are both going through a similar situation. "When we are not there physically, we are there for each other emotionally and mentally, so it's really nice," she said of the busy relationship.

8. Duetting with Joseph Calleja "gave her chills"

Her performance with Eros Ramazzotti and Joseph Calleja at the Fosos was something that meant a lot to her, with Emma full of praise for the two famed singers.

9. And she had advice for any young singers hoping to follow her path

"Go for any opportunity you can get, even if it's scary, even if you think you can't do it just go for it, follow your dreams and follow your heart and if you are happy it's going to be an amazing career for you."

10. Emma's debut album Moments is still riding high on the Italian charts

If you haven't gotten yourself a copy yet, you can by following this link or you can download the album on Spotify Premium.

11. She'll be sharing the stage with Rita Ora and Martin Garrix at Summer Daze

If you haven't caught her performing yet, now's your opportunity. She'll be taking the stage with some of the biggest names from around the world at the Summer Daze festival.

Do you know something about Emma that no-one else does?

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