16 Maltese People Who Drastically Heated Up Our Instagram Feeds In 2017

Because sometimes, it really is just about the eye candy

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There are loads of Maltese people doing great things out there, but sometimes, it's just about the eye candy. That's absolutely fine; we are all human after all. And wouldn't you know; when it comes to eye candy, Maltese people sure do know a thing or two.

Here are 16 Maltese people who sure know how to heat up an Instagram feed, and managed to do so excellently this year.

1. Davide Tucci

2. Stella Cini

3. Dyan Azzopardi

4. Monique Farrugia

5. Daniel Lake

6. Denise Gafa

7. Leslie Spiteri

8. Tiffany Pisani

9. Ben Camille

10. Madeleine Baldacchino

11. James Spiteri Staines

12. Emma Muscat

13. Chris Grech

14. Tamara Webb

15. Michael Johnson

16. Sarah Zerafa

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David Grech Urpani

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