9 Times Malta's Prince Harry Was Too Cute For Words

Apart from 'omg' and 'awhh'


As Malta's pop sensation Ira Losco gets ready to launch into an exciting year of new music, her adorable bundle of joy Harry may soon start stealing the spotlight when it comes to selfies. Here are nine photos of him that will make you want your own little Prince Harry.

1. The 'oh so cosy' look

2. The 'au naturel' look

"I used to look at young mothers and think: wow they really have their s*** together"

3. The 'unbridled joy' look

4. The 'onesie' look

"No one told us it would be this difficult, yet no one told us it would be this magical to watch our son grow and learn."

5. The 'model in training' look

6. The 'chillin with momma' look

7. The 'snapchat filter' look

8. The 'selfie game strong' look

9. The 'I'm gonna be a singer too' look

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