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Ben Camille Explains What Went Wrong In Name-Mixup Gaffe At Miss Universe

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Heartbreaker is a word often used to describe TV presenter Ben Camille, but one woman’s heartache had nothing to do with his charm or good looks.

Before Ms. Zejtun was crowned the winner of this year’s Miss Universe pageant, Ms. Mosta had the difficult task of putting on a brave face as she marched away from the designated ‘People’s Choice’ spot after Ben wrongly announced her as the winner.

Lovin Malta reached out to Ben Camille to ask him what really went down, and here’s what he told us.

“I went on stage but the chief judge hadn’t given me the list with the ‘Top 15’ names of the first qualifiers” he explained. “I was trying to buy some time for then to bring me the list since this was a live broadcast. Eventually I was handed a paper with the winner of the People’s Choice Award as well as the 14 other qualifying names.”

“If I’m being totally honest, when I first opened the paper it was quite confusing,” he continues with a smile. “I was expecting a simple list with 15 names on it, with the top-voted person’s name having some sort of label as the winner of “The People’s Choice Award”. In reality the list was hand written, with the names of girls who didn’t qualify scribbled off in black marker. The pressure of reading all this while live and running late made me panic a bit so I did what came natural to me at the time: I read the first name with ‘number 1’ next to it, who was Ms. Mosta.”

“Within seconds the Chief Judge came on stage to correct the mistake and showed me that he had in fact written the name of the winner not next to the ‘Number 1’ but on the top of the page under the title of the competition and unfortunately, in the heat of the moment I did not see this.”

Asked how he felt about the whole ordeal, Ben simply replied: “Like complete shit!”

In the moment he says his choice of words, calling it a “minor mistake” may not have been the best, but he was trying to regain control of a tough situation and keep the show flowing smoothly.

“I couldn’t wait to cut to adverts, and as soon as there was a break I ran backstage and immediately looked for both girls to apologise. Thankfully, both girls were absolutely fine about it and extremely understanding. Nonetheless, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize again to Jeanette (Ms. Mosta) and Marilena (Ms. Mellieha). I texted both girls again after the show to apologise yet again and they were ever so sweet and understanding about it all, they even joked about it and said it was good exposure for them (which I am sure they just said just to make me feel good).“

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Mix-up aside, Ben says he had a great time hosting the event. “I would really like to Thank Jeff and Alan (the organisers) who work so hard to put this amazing show together. The passion this couple have towards this production is something you do not see everyday and in deed something I admire in them both very much.”

Well, all in all we’re just happy Ben’s Steve-Harvey moment was quickly rectified!

What do you think about the mixup?

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