Clinton Paul, Malta's Most Flamboyant Singer, Comes Out As Non-Binary Genderfluid

'I love wearing heels, makeup, and always find support when I enter a woman's shop to buy clothes'

Clinton Paul Lovin Malta Non Binary Genderfluid

Clinton Paul, one of Malta's most colourful singers, has officially come out as non-binary genderqueer.

In an interview with, Paul opens up about their personal sexual feelings and explains how they found themselves, as well as why they love wearing women's clothing.

"I am a non-binary, genderqueer singer from Malta, and I believe my popularity (or notoriety) arises from the fact that I was always true to myself about my identity," Paul says of their local reputation. "I have a penchant for unabashed glamour and glitz and I'm aware this has made me notorious in local circles."

Clinton Paul's rise to fame came in part due to their over-the-top videos, which Malta had literally never seen anything like before, and probably was not ready for

"I hate it when people call me with the title 'Mr' or when I have to choose if I'm male or female" - Clinton Paul

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"I always pause and think for a bit. Growing up in the public eye has taught me to always be true to myself because people will talk about you no matter what," they said. "When I released my debut album 'I Know Who I Am Now' in 2011 I thought I knew who I was back then."

"Today it's completely different as I have found myself. I have found my true identity and that is being gender fluid"

They also spoke about the support they find when shopping for women's clothing in Malta.

"I love wearing heels, makeup, and always find support when I enter a woman's shop to buy clothes," they said. "The salespersons are so sweet that they continue with me comfortably. The fact that people recognise me helps even more. If I wasn't that known, it could have been different. But as an artist and public figure I feel I have a role to educate people about gender fluidity and to deliver the message of equality."

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