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ClubHouse Malta Influencer Encourages Others To Address Insecurities Before Breast Lift Procedure

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One of Clubhouse Europe’s most popular members is encouraging others not to feel guilty about addressing any cosmetic insecurities one might have as she opens up about undergoing a breast lift procedure.

In a 16-minute Instagram Live video, 18-year-old Sarah Grech explained her decision and wanted to clear any misconceptions people may have about cosmetic procedures.

“I’ve been wanting it for about three years,” she said on Instagram Live.

“At 15, I started the pill and went through phases where I put on and lost weight and that affected my breasts.”

“I now have a chance to fix my biggest insecurity and I feel like there’s nothing to be ashamed about. There’s nothing bad about wanting to fix it”.

Although expecting backlash from her livestream, Grech was pleasantly surprised to find many supporting her decision, one which she made after multiple consultations with her doctor. 

“I first decided on implants but both my doctor and I came to an agreement that a breast lift was best,” she continued. “There’s scars and everything. It’s a lifetime decision.” 

Addressing her 22,000-strong Instagram following, Grech said that her decision wasn’t a matter of her encouraging others to change their appearances, but to address insecurities so that you can live a happier life. 

“I don’t want to promote changing yourself, I’m all about being happy with what you have,” she said. “But there’s nothing wrong with changing something that’s bothering you.”

Grech will undergo surgery today, followed by weeks of recovery. Luckily, she has the girls of ClubHouse Europe and her family to look after her, including helping her bathe…and spoiling er while recovering in bed. 

“I’m feeling a bit anxious, but I’m finally ready for it,” she said.

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