Crouching Yazmin Hidden Dragon: Maltese Athlete's Awkward Pose Ends Up In Hilarious Photoshop Frenzy

How's that for an iconic Instagram post?

Yaz Zammit Stevens Photoshop

Yazmin Zammit Stevens may be known for her impressive weightlifting skills, but a recent venture on Instagram has turned her into a bit of a Photoshop star.

The Maltese starlet posted an awkward photo on her Instagram stories that featured herself in a somewhat questionable position. "How have I not seen this?" Yazmin asked, thoroughly amused.

She started by posting the original... along with her take on the piece

Questionable artsmanship but we approve.


And then, the submissions made their way in;

Soon enough, her followers got creative with it. And let's be honest, these are all actual works of art and they all deserve to be looked upon with utmost admiration.


Predicatble, but funny.


Another heavy weight sport.


Mother of Dragons is going on a ride.


An iconic scene from our childhood.


A nice and local one to wrap things up.

The original one is up there for anyone to take and make a piece of art out of. Feel free to send us your submissions on Facebook.

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