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Crystal Clear: The World Needs More People Like Grazielle Camilleri To Inspire Us With A Positive Mindset

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Entrepreneur, media personality, fashion icon and wellness blogger – just a few of the notches in 44-year-old Grazielle Camilleri’s belt. To some, she’s an inspiration of positive energy, but not many of her fans these days know just how she got started with her career.

Around 20 years ago, Grazielle Camilleri hit the stage and screen as a dancer, host and character on the series Gizelle

Now, she’s the host of TV show Acceler8 on NetTV, a fashion and lifestyle blogger, dabbles in lapidary and life coaching and just exudes good vibes wherever she goes.


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“My mission in life is to spread positivity, empowerment and joy through my work while still developing myself as a woman, a mother and many other things.”

Grazielle is also a keen fitness enthusiast, dancer, performer, empath and all-round beaming sack of smiles.

She chooses to share her life with others on her blog not because she’s audacious, but because she ardently hopes to inspire others to follow their hearts and pursue their goals – no matter how big or small.

Blessed to be where she is today, Grazielle is always looking for a way to better herself.

“I always seek to improve, to be able to build on the potential to help others help themselves. That is why I do the work I do and feel blessed every day.”


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Grazielle trains meticulously for five days of the week… every week.

“I jog every morning with my husband and my daughter, that’s the first thing we do in the morning,” she explains.

That’s just one of many healthy habits that Grazielle has instilled in her family’s life for the past five years, and she’s not letting the momentum slow anytime soon.

“I rest on Saturday and Sunday to give my physique a break,” she told Lovin Malta. “I am showing my daughter that a healthy habit of daily exercise is important, not just for the physical benefits, but the mental benefits, too.”

Grazielle herself started training at the age of five, taking inspiration from her parents who spurred her on. The jack of all trades began playing tennis and netball before very quickly moving on to dance and athletics. For Grazielle, keeping herself active was just “the norm”.


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“I feel complete when I exercise,” Grazielle told Lovin Malta, “I feel as though the work I’ve done on my body has taught me to be alert, boosted my resilience and apart from the obvious physical benefits there are the mental benefits, too.”

“I am blessed with very high energy levels. If I don’t exert myself enough during the day through my work and exercising, I won’t sleep at night.”

Grazielle is also blessed with a fast metabolism; she cites the weekends as time for the family to “go crazy on the chocolate” while during the week she tends to veer off of red meat and prefers fish with seasonal salads, vegetables and fruits.

Sundays are family days in the Camilleri household (and Wednesday nights are Mexican nights at the dinner table).

She won’t accept an invite out over the weekends unless her daughter or husband can come along; Sunday is always a family day for her and her husband to share some quality time with their child.

Grazielle admits to being a foodie, she enjoys all foods and will eat absolutely anything she wants to… in moderation. 

Moderation is something not all of us find easy to reconcile ourselves with – not even Grazielle. For her, it came through meditation, as a skill she developed by getting in touch with her subconscious.


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Grazielle believes very much in balance being a key to life, and she sees it as a sign of success: “Not something from money, material possessions or even popularity online.”

To Grazielle, balance is found when one understands their actions should be closer to selfless than selfish but acknowledge that neither is the better option. Kind of like how pretty much everyone knew America was fucked with Clinton/Trump 2016 – we understood that the two weren’t the best people, but one easily outweighed the other in terms of practicality.

So, if you’re taking a leaf out of Grazielle’s book: vote Hillary.

You may also want to start volunteering your time for local charities, something Grazielle has put a lot of her efforts into.

Grazielle takes a very holistic approach to her lifestyle and attributes this attitude to the peace and wholeness she finds in nature, simply by connecting to her surroundings and tuning out the world around her. Whenever she finds the time, she slows down and disconnects.


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Saturday morning ? Enjoying my first cuppa tea and some meditation time with these crystals ? Feeling grateful for the beautiful gift from @montblanc Malta from an event I attended last night to launch the “Skywalker Collection”.. I will treasure this gift and use it to pen down my thoughts, blogs, poems and lists of things I wish to achieve.. Thank you ?Check out my stories ??Grazielle • • • #blogger #influencer #tvhost #fashion #montblanc #diaries #travel #travelblogger #bestfashion #5starhotels #foodanddrink #lifestyleblogger #fashion #events #lifestyleblogger #fashionblogger #tvpresenter #filming #reddress #weddingseason #weddingguestdress #maxidress #instafashion #instagood #crystalvibes #crystalstones #crystalhealing #amethyst #celestite #clearquartz • • • Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger at graziellecamilleri.com Facebook.com/blogbygrazielle Facebook.com/gemstonesmalta Online TV Producer & Presenter at maltatvchannel.com and Acceler8

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The joy you can retain in life on a long-term basis and the reach your glow can expand to when helping others, directly or inadvertently, depends greatly on what kind of a good person you are.

Grazielle acknowledges the commitment this sort of mould-breaking takes, and explains how to look past this in one of her recent blog posts. Grazielle knows that nothing comes on its own.

“You must exercise in order to keep your body joyful, you must exercise your mind to do the same for your spirit.”

Grazielle knows that the pressures of social media can destroy people who are out of balance, and for this reason urges anyone to focus maintaining it. To her, real life is what you see in person, while social media can be a beautiful tool on the flip side.

Grazielle praises the openness of online forums, saying “you can access so much information and educational content online, not just funny and entertaining pieces”.

“Social media and media also gives one the opportunity to help others who perhaps feel lost and out of touch with their life purpose. I love to balance everything in life and that is I think one of the main keys – the formulas to ‘success’ and happiness in life.”


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Opening up to offer a word of advice to the Lovin Malta audience, Grazielle changed the tone of conversation from one of introductions to one of instruction. 

“I believe in mental training; coaching myself to keep a positive mindset at all times and to stray away from situations that vibe on a lower, more negative, frequency – things that do not resonate with me.”

Grazielle admits that when learning this for herself, she found it difficult to stick to the habit, but the more she pushed through the easier it was to act naturally by trusting the guidance of her intuition. She learnt how to remain calm, which allowed her to make decisions unbiased by her emotions or opposed by her ego and its fears.

“This is something we all possess. It’s just we don’t make time to be aware of it. I think that in general people are brought up and taught to take care of their physical self and their education and their economy but they are not taught mental health from a young age.”

A conversation the world has been on a cliffhanger with for a good while now, Grazielle seems to have been woken up earlier than the rest of the population and for a good reason, too.


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“We don’t learn how to think when problems arise, how to work through addictions, bad times, toxic relationships…” Grazielle’s list went on, but the principle remained steady throughout: we need to talk about things, guys. 

“It’s not just exercise. We need to balance ourselves.” she continued, “rather than beating around the bush and hating each other – which doesn’t tackle the root of the problem – we need to learn how to firstly identify our issues and then communicate with each other to solve them.”

“I’m a little deep, perhaps. But that’s the truth: our world needs more love and compassion.”

It’s time for Grazielle to spread her wings a little more and enlighten a few more people, don’t you think?

What do you think of Grazielle’s advice? Let us know in the comments below

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