WATCH: Does Malta Have Its First Actual Heartthrob Celebrity?

Hundreds of screaming girls 'go wild' for Ben Camille

Hundreds of screaming teenage schoolgirls mobbed actor Ben Camille earlier today, chanting his name and begging him to sign autographs. This was literal fangirling, the likes of which Malta has probably never seen. 

More than 800 girls, who attend the St Ignatius middle school in Handaq, were described as having gone "wild" for the young Strada Stretta heartthrob. And as you can hear in the video, some of the school's teachers even feared he and the girls could get hurt in the chaos. 

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Ben Camille was there to participate in a football friendly:  the schoolteachers, together with a string of other local TV stars, including fellow hotties Davide Tucci and Alvin Cacciatolo, who were also mobbed by the girls.

Davide Tucci (aka Brimbu) was also there breaking their hearts

The event raised some €1,600 for NGO Inspire.  Classes competed to raise the most money to win the chance to take photos with their favourite celeb.  

"I've lived life thinking that real stardom in Malta is not quite possible. Until today, when I saw the wild and emotional reaction of 850 teenage students as this one man entered the building," wrote Alison Bezzina on Facebook.

Ben Camille told Lovin Malta he really enjoyed the day and loved his fans. He thanked Sarah Cassar for organising the event and encouraged other schools to do the same, to raise money for other causes in need. 

Davide Tucci was also mobbed by the crowd of girls, physically and virtually. He described it best with his hilariously blunt photo album caption: "There you go, ghax fqajtuli inbox."

If you got this far, we're guessing you too have a bit of a crush on Ben, so here you go.

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