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‘Don’t Fear The Crowd Of Lions!’: Controversial X Factor Malta Singer’s Message To Christians

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Matthew Grech, the X Factor Malta contestant who drew controversy with his pre-audition comments about the gay lifestyle, has urged Christians to stand up for their faith.

“I believe I gave an example that Christians shouldn’t be afraid to express their faith, even if the crowd of lions rises against you,” Grech, a member of the evangelical River of Love fellowship, told iNews. “Many people from different countries have thanked me for putting my love for God ahead of mankind.”

Grech urged Christians not to feel intimidated and to defend their freedom of expression and encouraged politicians to speak out for “the ex-gay movement”, which he described as “one of the most abused and discriminated groups in Maltese society”.

He insisted that Christians should differ between homosexual orientation and homosexual romantic and sexual relationships, arguing that the Bible only denounces the latter as a sin.

He also demanded the government and the Malta Gay Rights Movement apologise for pressuring TVM to pull his audition and interview from Facebook and YouTube.

“They stopped me from expressing my beliefs and my talent, which is illegal by international law.”

What do you make of Matthew Grech’s argument?

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