EXPOSED: The Secret Love Children Of Maltese Celebs

The cute, the bad and the nightmare fuel

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Sometimes you have days where the most random question will pop into your heads and refuse to budge until you explore it further. 

Today was one such day at the Lovin Malta offices, where we decided that we absolutely needed to know what the lovechild of Maltese celebrities would look like. 

Well, we crunched some numbers (and faces) an online face morphing / baby creator site, and this is what we've created. You're very welcome, and we're very sorry.

1. Eileen Montesin & Peppi Azzopardi

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Well, the child would definitely have TV star potential... but maybe radio would be better suited. The deejay genes are also quite strong so it's a viable career path.

2. Ira Losco & Joseph Calleja

Lm Cover Hole In The Wall 2 15

A guaranteed child star; absolutely gorgeous, talented, and probably all over every media outlet more than both parents combined. 

3. Chiara in 2005 & Chiara in 2013

Lm Cover Hole In The Wall 2 16

What if we... had to find some extremely weird time-machine-based experiment? Apparently, this is what we'd end up with.

4. Julie & Ludwig

Lm Cover Hole In The Wall 2 17

What could have been... If only it was on again for one last time, this is who Malta would probably be taking up to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in a decade's time.

5. Glaphne 

Lm Cover Hole In The Wall 2 20

They truly found love in a hopeless place. Maybe it's time to bury the hatchet for 2017...

BONUS: Joseph Muscat & Simon Busuttil

Lm Cover Hole In The Wall 2 19

We're sorry, but you all know we just had to. While this little girl already looks 150% done with everyone's shit, the most unsettling thing about this is how eerily similar she looks to someone else...

Can you think of other combos? Head to MorphThing and share your weird results with us in the comments!

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