Foo Fighter Rockstar Gives Shout-Out To Malta's Sights And Sounds On Trip With Supermodel Girlfriend

Basking in that #IslandLife

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Foo Fighters keyboardist Rami Jaffee came down to the islands last weekend with his Maltese supermodel Christine Pillow, and the celebrity couple seem to have really enjoyed their stay in (albeit windy) Malta.

Jaffee seems to have been really taken aback by the island's beauty, sharing a collage of some shots from around the island on his Instagram. The seven photos are all as colourful and typically Maltese as they get. 

There's the classic AirMalta shot from the runway, two snaps of the traditional luzzu, a shot from the Birgu waterfront, an alternate view from Balluta Bay on a rainy afternoon... and a photo of his Maltese girlfriend, of course. 

The centre of the collage also had a short video from Balluta, with a good old dose of Maltese gossip being heard in the background. And to top it all off, he followed it up with a classic #IslandLife tag.

The two arrived in Malta for a wedding of Christine's cousin, where they posed for a quick selfie against the beautiful harbour area. 

Last week, Christine officially kicked off her birthday celebrations in the United Kingdom. The weekend was all about Malta though, with the Maltese model sharing some snaps of her own from around the island.

Jaffee, 48, has had an extensive musical career, having also worked with the likes of The Wallflowers (a 90s band formed by Bob Dylan's son), Stone Sour and Coheed and Cambria.

Originally a sales assistant from San Ġwann, Christine Pillow had won the Maltese Ford Supermodel of the World Award back in 2005, which had seen the then 18-year-old fly to New York to compete for a $250,000 modelling contract. One year later, Pillow also became the face of Diet Coke. A decade down the line and hundreds of photoshoots later, it seems like Pillow has found her celebrity match. The two met back in 2014, and have been dating ever since.

The couple have over 12,000 followers on Instagram, and while they regularly show their love of the places they've visited, it really does look like Malta has a truly special place in the celebrities' hearts.

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Photo by Jason Merritt

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