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From His Brush With Death To His Celebrity Crushes, Bernard Grech Reveals All In Personal Interview With Ben Camille 

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Opposition leader Bernard Grech has given voters a glimpse of his more human side in a wide-ranging interview with presenter Ben Camille touching upon everything from some very personal experiences to his celebrity crushes.

The Nationalist Party leader described several life events which had shaped him as a person in one way or the other.

Grech spoke about his values and what he believes is truly important in life, namely for one to always be true to themselves and appreciative of what they have.

He also described a particular incident that happened during 2004 – a particularly bad period for Grech during which he was struggling to finish works on his home, had had his car stolen and even ran over a young lady in a traffic accident. 

A magisterial inquiry had cleared him of any wrongdoing.

Grech recounted how during this period he had had an argument with a man he used to help him out with the works on his house. 

“I was so worried that evening that I had a panic attack and ended up lying down on the floor with a big pain in my chest, my hand was rigid. It was something I had never experienced. At that moment, I felt as though I was dying and I convinced myself I was dying,” Grech said. 

He called his children and told them that he loved them while giving his wife the number of a colleague of his for him to take on his clients.

The PN leader also described how he met his wife Anne Marie, and how he felt that she was initially hesitant about dating him. He said that after their first encounter, they had drifted apart for some time only to meet again some years later, after which they started the relationship they still have today. 

At a point, during a quick-fire round of questions at the end of the interview, Camille asked Grech who his celebrity crush was. 

“Adele… apart from the fact that she is a beautiful woman, I think that her voice is extraordinary as is her life story,” Grech said. 

The PN leader was also asked to name three women he thought were attractive. 

“My mother-in-law, my mother and my wife,” Grech immediately responded. 

Realising that the reply wasn’t exactly what the presenter had in mind, Grech reassured him that this didn’t mean he didn’t like women.   

Camille again asked Grech to name three women he found attractive, this time specifying that he wanted the names of three Maltese women. 

“Do they have to be Maltese? Alright, the obvious answer, I think everyone’s first choice… Ira Losco,” Grech said, as he was interrupted by Camille’s admission that he fancied Nationalist MEP Roberta Metsola. 

“Roberta Metsola… the thing is, I like brunettes,” Grech responded to which Camille instantly replied with: “Miriam Dalli then?”

Grech acknowledged that his political rival “fell under the brunette” category. 

What did you make of the interview?

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