Grande Fratello Star Hunts Down And Poses With Her Namesake In Malta

A dream come true


People with unusual names know the true sadness that comes with trying to to find their name on a keychain, but one woman has made up for all that suffering after discovering there's a whole city named with her name all over it.

Grande Fratello's 2003 winner has travelled down south to discover her namesake, and Floriana Secondi finally got the chance to visit "her" town, and football team, earlier this week.

While vacationing on the island with her son, the 44-year-old Italian personality dropped by Floriana FC to pose with their iconic green banner, and have a quick chat with the club's real owner, Riccadro Gaucci.

Making her way across the island, one of the OG reality TV stars stayed in Malta, Gozo and Comino while visiting, and said she fell in love with the beauty of the island... but less so with the heat.

"It's so hot here. This island is honestly so beautiful... but it's so hot!"

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