The 17 Stages All Maltese People Watching Last Night's BGT Semi-Finals Went Through

Let's face it, last night was basically Eurovision 2.0

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Destiny Chukunyere wowed millions with her incredible performance of Respect last night at Britain's Got Talent live semi final show, and even though she didn't quality to the final, no one can possibly fault her for not giving it her all. 

With thousands of Maltese people passionately following the show and pouring their hearts (and opinions) on social media in what felt like a reenactment of the annual national Eurovision hype, here are the stages that all of us went through as the night progressed.

1. "Shit, it's starting, where the hell is ITV?!"

One of the main differences between Eurovision and BGT; most people don't get ITV, so live-streaming lit up all over the country.


2. "Ah perfect, Destiny's on first. No waiting around like we normally have to do for Eurovision."

Sure, there were only eight acts on, but everyone knows we Maltese people are an impatient bunch. Destiny going on first definitely helped to quell that, though.

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As the show was slowly kicking off, Destiny's performance was slightly delayed. In a slightly awkward moment, Ant and Dec had to delay the introduction of the 14-year-old singer, saying, "She's almost ready for us, we are in the final stages of getting it ready." Perhaps slightly cheekily, Simon Cowell impatiently buzzed before Destiny even appeared on stage, throwing off not only Ant and Dec, but thousands of Maltese fans.

4. "LOVE HER... but another Aretha Franklin song though?"

After the initial excitement of seeing her up on stage faded, many people were quick to comment on how, for the second consecutive time, Destiny sang an Aretha song, fearing it might make the judges (and the public, who was voting last night) think she's limited in her range.

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No matter what anyone's initial opinions on the choice of song might've been, one thing was for sure; Destiny killed it.

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6. "That was absolutely fantastic, she's got this one in the bag."

This happens to us whenever we send any singer to any international competition, let alone when we have someone as talented as Destiny already at the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent. And as soon as David Walliams gave her a standing ovation, we got instant shivers.

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7. "Awwh, look at how proud her mum looks... wait, is that... Ben Camille?"

Seriously though, that was probably 2017's most random Maltese celebrity cameo.

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8. "Good Destiny pun David Walliams, we've definitely never heard that one before."

Walliams went first with the judges' comments, and he praised Destiny, saying she had a "God-given talent" to sing. Inevitably, the "Singing is your destiny" pun reared its head, and for a second, all of Malta was Alesha Dixon sarcastically ba-dum-tissing him.

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9. "Simon said WHAT?!"

Even if he said he would hire her on the spot if he were a West End producer, Simon Cowell started his feedback with informing Destiny that he wouldn't have sung another Aretha song. And while most of us might've thought the same thing a couple of minutes before, we gladly joined in on the audience's resounding chorus of boos.

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10. "That's the coolest nanna ever and I want her to perform at my next birthday party."

A 66-year-old nanna who goes by the stage name DJ Tizzy Twilight mashed up a couple of 21st century party anthems from atop a spaceship. Need we say more?!

11. "Shit, this other 14-year-old sure can sing."

While everyone had their own varying opinions on the acts that followed Destiny, Leah Barniville's powerful vocals had everyone back home inevitably thinking of Destiny's own chances of making it through the final. And just like that, in the eyes of many Maltese people, the two talented teenagers became lowkey archenemies for the night.

12. "Ok, I need to message all my British friends to vote."

A couple of seconds after we realized we couldn't vote for Destiny, all expats and any family, friends and acquaintances were desperately contacted in a bid to rack up as many votes as possible for our little local diva. Some sent out personal text messages, while others tagged over 20 people in one long Facebook post.

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13. "30 minute wait, seriously?!"

Cue a random half an hour of Coronation Street when all we wanted was ANSWERS.

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14. "We just barely recovered from Eurovision, I can't stand two diva heartbreaks."

As soon as BGT was back on, the feeling of dread started creeping in. Destiny isn't just an adorable teenager, she's also ridiculously talented, and most of us weren't ready for her possible elimination.

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Accurate representation of Malta on Tuesday 30th May 2017 at 10:40pm:

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16. "I knew it, I said this would happen."

Of course you did. You always do.

17. "Britain's Got Talent is so 2012 anyway. Destiny deserves way more!"

Whether or not you were saying this to feel a bit better about Destiny not making it through to the finals, we can all agree that Malta's teenage diva has an amazing future ahead of her. 

And we'll be right behind you every step of the way girl!

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