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‘I’m Fed Up’: Love Island Malta Winner Allen Comes Out Strongly Against Controversial Mosta Tree Chopping

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Residents and activists aren’t the only people who have come out to strongly condemn the controversial chopping of Mosta’s trees, with Love Island Malta winner Allen Piscopo also taking to social media to give his two cents on the matter.

“I’m fed up,” Allen wrote on Instagram, sharing a statement which he said he felt was his “obligation”.

Allen, who said he felt compelled and obliged to write the statement especially because of his Earth Systems university degree and work at Environment and Resources Authority (ERA), said he felt “angry that the environment is yet again not being the given the importance it deserves.”

Going on to outline the importance of such trees in urban areas (be it to offer shade in summer’s brutal months and to offer shelter to the many birds and animals who call them their home), Allen said he was of the opinion that “the tree was always there before”.

“So why is it that, whenever there is an embellishment plan, there are never plans to compliment those very trees?” he asked. “Why is it that the trees are always the ones to bear the brunt of it all, as if they’re making the country uglier?”

“It’s good that the trees aren’t destroyed and there’s a proper uprooting, but trees in urban hubs are much more important,” Allen finished.

“Instead of making our country greener, we’re making it uglier.”

Do you agree with Allen’s statement and assessment of the situation?

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