'I'm Not Mad, I'm Not Bitter': Jazzy Jeff Pens Inspirational Message While Chilling On A Balcony In Malta

'I'm sitting on a balcony in Malta. I didn't even know where Malta was'

DJ Jazzy Jeff, one of the most formidable hip hop DJs and turntablists around, released a special message for people that think he's mad at life. 

Fresh off his hyped up concert in Malta last week, the musician spoke about making it in the music industry for so long, and how not many people make it that far.

The veteran musician and actor is well-known for his role in 90s sitcom The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, where he played the character of Will Smith's best friend. But his longevity and ability to succeed comes with dedication, and his message to people trying to make it in the entertainment industry comes across as sincere. 

"I'm not mad, I'm not bitter at all," Jazzy Jeff starts his message off. "I'm sitting on a balcony in Malta. I didn't even know where Malta was. I just came from Kenya, I'm going to Paris tomorrow. I'm not mad, I'm not mad at all."

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"If Picasso saw a view like this, he'd paint it because it's beautiful, not because someone gave him a cheque."

"I figured it out, and I just don't want to have the next generation have to figure it out if I can tell them how to get around those potholes that I fell in," the musician-actor told his fans.  "Understand that it's not like it was before. The longevity in this business is really really hard to achieve, especially when it comes to hip hop or even just the music business."

Jazzy Jeff, who as he himself puts it is one of the very few celebrities who have made it to "the very thin 30-year club", claimed that it was perseverance and his love of music that have managed to get him out of his darkest moments. "If you've been given a gift to create, you should create no matter what the outcome is."

"They call it (the music business) a game for a reason," Jazzy Jeff concluded. "I'm just trying to figure out a new way to play."

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His message of staying strong was praised by fans and non-fans alike

While others took the time to look back on his timeless comedic role

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