IN PHOTOS: Italian Superstar Monica Bellucci Spends New Year's Eve In Malta

The 53-year-old beauty was spotted in numerous locations around the island

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Italian supermodel-turned-Hollywood-actress Monica Bellucci came to Malta on a late flight from Rome on Saturday 30th December. She celebrated New Year's Eve on the island, also spending the next couple of days roaming around.

As expected, the arrival of the 53-year-old star, widely regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world, caused quite a stir online. The news spread like wildfire, and less than 12 hours after Bellucci landed, Facebook groups entirely dedicated to her were reporting her arrival.

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After celebrating the ushering in of 2018 in Malta, Bellucci dined at the popular St. Julian's restaurant Barracuda on the first night of January. She even left a special note for her hosts on a piece of napkin; how's that for a souvenir?

Yesterday, Bellucci dropped by L-Arka ta' Noe, an animal sanctuary full of exotic specimen. She quickly made news following her talk with the owner Anton Cutajar, who introduced her to the popular tiger cub Tica

"She was so in love with Tica," Anton said of the Italian actress, who was reportedly impressed by how Malta had so many different attractions in such a limited space.

Of course, there had to be at least one thing Bellucci didn't absolutely fall in love with it, and you guessed it; it was Malta's roads. During her drive to the Siġġiewi sanctuary, the Italian actress was perplexed by the "disastrous roads" she found, especially towards those countryside areas.

Monica Bellucci's stay in Malta comes to an end today, and it seems like the Italian beauty really enjoyed her stay. Needless to say, the locals she met during her holiday will surely remember this for years to come.

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