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Is Gaia Too Big For Sweet Sense? Reports Say ‘Cracks’ Are Beginning To Show Ahead Of Tonight’s X Factor Judge’s House

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Gaia Cauchi, the Maltese 15-year-old singer and Junior Eurovision winner currently battling her way through X Factor, is set to face the Judge’s House tonight as part of her new all-girl group, Sweet Sense.

However, reports are coming in that the girls might not be getting along as well as it initially seemed, with one informed source spilling the beans on the young singers ahead of tonight’s show.

“Sweet Sense went to judges houses with high hopes, but everything quickly unraveled. After being put together earlier in the audition process, people hoped they could be the new Little Mix, though cracks emerged soon after arriving at Robbie William’s house,” a source told the Daily Star Online.

“In particular Gaia Cauchi, Ellie Grant and Kezia Povey clashed with 18-year-old twins Billie Tomo and Charlie Tomo. At the Six Chair Challenge they were united and put on a sassy performance worthy of a seat, but this time around Robbie was left torn as to whether to put them through to the lives or not,” the source said.

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Pictured above: Gaia, Ellie Grant, and Kazia Povey

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Pictured above: Sweet Sense

Robbie Williams, who is mentoring Sweet Sense, knows exactly what can happen if a group don’t see eye to eye from the beginning

“Robbie knows from his Take That days how groups must have a connection or things quickly go wrong. His feud with Gary Barlow is no secret, so when he heard about the behind the scenes disputes, it was all too familiar,” the source said.

The girls themselves had previously mentioned how they ended up together: “We all originally auditioned as soloists for our first audition and then on deliberation day we got put together as a girl group.”

It is unknown whether the issues between the girls will be shown on tonight’s episode of X Factor, though fans will most likely find out whether Sweet Sense makes it through to the next round.

However, the gap forming between the two twins and the rest of the group may be damaging the potential of each of the five singers.

With Gaia Cauchi’s impressive musical accomplishments, from SanRemo Music Festival to Eurovision wins, along with her dedication and history of succeeding, is Gaia already outgrowing Sweet Sense?

Do you think Gaia should perform in a band, or ride solo?

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