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‘It Hurts Me to See How Much Shit People Get’: Gaia Cauchi Plasters Her Face With Insults

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Gaia Cauchi has plastered her face with insults to raise awareness about the realities of cyberbullying.

“Everyday, each and every one of us get called out for something which we’re not even necessarily insecure,” the 16-year-old singer wrote on her latest Instagram post.


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Earlier in the day, Gaia had posted a message request to her followers on her story, asking anyone to leave any hurtful words they’ve ever been called.

“I was honestly so shocked and heartbroken because it hurts me to see how much shit people get all the time,” she said. “If we take a step back and actually think before we talk, this world would be such a better place!”

Teaming up with bBrave Malta, a local organisation that tackles bullying in Maltese society, Gaia then chose some of the strongest words she’d received and had them labelled on her face akin to a number of anti-bullying campaigns.

Gaia’s chosen words included ‘skeleton’, ‘snake’, ‘fat’, ‘fake’, ‘worthless’ and even the word ‘die’.

“Bullying is something which people do in order to make themselves feel better but I promise you, you can never look or feel good by trying to make someone else look bad,” she said.


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Gaia closed her caption, telling fans that “my advice to anyone who’s going through a rough time is: don’t get used to it… Stand up for who you are and don’t let them bring you down.”

Just like the lyrics of her latest single, if they don’t care then why should you?

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