Jeremy Clarkson Says He Doesn't Want To Come To Malta On Hit Car Series


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Jeremy Clarkson, the British curmudgeon known for his over-the-top comments on hit shows like Top Gear, has said he doesn't want to come to Malta.

In the latest episode of his new show, The Grand Tour, Clarkson, along with his sidekicks/fellow presenters Richard Hammond and James May, drive along the beautiful Black Sea towards the Caspian Sea.

Passing through spectacular terrain in Georgia and Azerbaijan in his Aston Martin DBS Superlegerra, the indefatigable Clarkson attempts to tell the supercar's system about his country of arrival: Georgia.

However, it doesn't go quite as easily as he hopes, and some Maltese car enthusiasts picked up on the sudden entrance of our glorious island into a scene of the popular Amazon Prime series.

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When Clarkson tries to get to Georgia, his Aston Martin DBS tries to take him to Malta

And, heartbreakingly, Clarson simple responds with a: "I don't want to go to Malta".

While it's obvious he didn't actually mean he didn't want to come to Malta, and was just responding to his GPS, fans of the show, as well as Maltese car enthusiasts, had a few reactions to his throwaway statement

One person said: "We don't want you here, don't worry, you self-opinionated bag of air", while others said he would probably be surprised at the amount of potholes on the road, as well as the island's sudden focus on Electric Vehicles.

Either way, with his friend currently facing trial for being involved in the Paqpaqli tragedy, we probably won't be seeing Clarkson come to the island anytime soon. And that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Images: Ryan Cassar

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