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Malta 2119: We’ve Been To The Future And This Is What Our Favourite Celebrities Look Like

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Time travel is tricky business. You have to be so careful with every action, you wouldn’t want to take a bite of the wrong pastizz and accidentally elect Matthew Grech as Prime Minister. We were given an exclusive trip through time by an anonymous entrepreneur that took us to the future… with a little help of FaceApp’s most recent viral ageing filter, that is.

Not much has changed, but Buster (and later Jonas Brothers) lied.

We were on track to live underwater, but that fell through because we couldn’t get our shit together and save the environment in time. Still, we did get to snap a few candid shots of what went on while we were there.

1. Michela is still performing Chameleon at every opportunity

She was definitely the highlight of Isle of MTV 2119, and that whole jetpack routine really helped give some life to the choreography.

2. Matthew Grech returned to X factor for its 101st season

He still hasn’t made it past Judge’s Houses.

3. Eileen Montesin is still giving us LIFE on Instagram 

We just wonder how much of it she has left…

4. Joseph Muscat is still Prime Minister


5. Carina – well… Carina hasn’t changed that much

She’s still trying to get Ben’s reality show back on air and our fingers are still tightly crossed.

P.S. We literally kept the FaceApp watermark on this because even we couldn’t believe that this was the final result.

6. Ira has retired 7th Wonder and Hey Now is now her go-to live song

Owen Leuellen can still be heard introducing “Misses Iralasca” onto the stage every now and then.

7. Chucky Bartolo is still the only good Maltese drag queen

Someone really needs to sort those lips out though. Age gracefully Tolqueen, goddammit!

8. The Archbishop is still apologising for accidentally liking a gay pride post on Instagram

A burden he has had to carry for almost a century now.

9. Sarah Zerafa just got back from her second ever international shoot 

She stormed Athens in 2019. In 2119, she took to Thessaloniki.

10. Davide Tucci has not had his photos used in Bitcoin scams for at least a century

Whether the fraudsters gave up the chase or just moved on to a new, younger target, we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

11. Alex Alden has retired from her music career

She now works as a full-time statue-hugger at a museum in Berlin. You do you, Alex!

12. Davinia still can’t make her mind up at the KFC drive-thru

But at least old age hasn’t hit her too hard.

13. Miss Universe Malta 2019 Winner Teresa Ruglio went on to represent Malta again in the Miss Universe World Pageant 2119… and she won

Rumour has it the public has finally accepted her as a true representative of Miss Malta, but some are still resistant.

14. Owen Bonnici is still trying to do something right

And he’s still rocking that beard!

BONUS: Rowen Muscat is still an absolute dream

Silver fox or what?!


That’s just about all the action we had time to check out.

Let’s hope our insight to the future has an impact on you – we were supposed to be living underwater!

Tag a friend you’d take to the year 3000 (or at least 2119) in the comments!

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