Maltese Celebrities In Renaissance Paintings Is The Art You Didn't Know You Needed Hanging In Your Home

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Sometimes context is extremely important, other times won't really change the meaning or the purpose of the thing in question. We'll allow you to guess which of those two choices this article falls under. 

Anyway, here's what seven Maltese celebrities would like like if they cropped up in historic paintings.

1. Peppi Azzopardi

A lover of the chance to do some good while preaching to the masses, Peppi would fit right in as an Archbishop of the Renaissance.

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2. Valentina Rossi

It seems the Maltese beauty would still have exactly what it takes to be a model, even 500 years ago. That said, we're not so sure there's much work for a DJ in those times.


3. Chiara Siracusa

Ready to hit the stage and belt the hell out of any opera. Big hair don't care is the order of the day for this Maltese diva.


4. Ben Camille

A heartthrob in the 21st century, a long-haired, beret-wearing star in the Renaissance.


5. Michelle Muscat

Perhaps this will serve as good inspiration for her eventual official portrait? Millennial pink is back in.


6. Ira Losco and Joseph Calleja

We've seen what their baby would look like before, but why not flip the script and change things up a bit?


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